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Pulsar Stunts – Making of the Pulsar Mania November 1, 2009

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The making

The result


Royal Enfield Thunderbird – Shot through the heart October 31, 2009

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Setting up the scene

My Computer! Working late night!

My Computer! Working late night!

It’s been one of my most difficult weeks. Chilling at the beginning of the month and slogging 24×7 on the last week made me like apple picker Robert Frost . Already through three continuous night-outs, I called up my friend. “Dude, I am not coming for the trip… lot of work pending”. “Kill you”, my friend replied. Later in the day, another friend called up. He told me that he will get a Royal Enfield Thunderbird to hit the trip. Instant memory loss, that would even make ‘Sanjay Singhania’ proud, hit me. I forgot office, I forgot the distance. “Lets do it”.

Calling it a day

Bullet Thunderbird

Bullet Thunderbird

I dressed up in true buleteer fashion – rugged levis and trigger tees. I felt proud to dust my brown Monte Carlo jacket. All zipped up and ready at 4 a.m. A distant rumble announced the arrival. It was dark. It was love at first sight. My friend was supposed to drive until daylight and thus I had to pass a painful time – waiting to grab the handlebars of the T’bird. Thump Thump Thump Thump… we rode without missing a beat. I eyed the tacho – merrily hovering at a 3 tonne and the speedo at a 100. That’s the meat of the bike. Period.

Moi @ Hampi

Moi @ Hampi

As daylight broke, we stopped for piss and to stretch out the vertebral column. And then it was my turn to twist the ignition. Your’s truly was truly impressed. This is a bike you ride on. It can make a Paul Teutul, Sr. of a Swaminathan. Your ego shoots up, attitute builds and you discover the masculine within. You wish to grow a moustache and want to flaunt ur packs.

Adventure Unlimited - Thats the Bullet

Adventure Unlimited - That's the Bullet

Today’s bullets might not be the ‘thumpiest’ but still they are a class apart. It set’s apart the pot bellied men from skinny virgin boys. I rode all over the rocks of Hampi. My most memorable ride to date. It made me think the next thing I should do is to straight away go and book a bullet. Is this known as falling in love? Very much.

Pulsar Addiction October 28, 2009

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Everyone knows that the Pulsar is a revolutionary bike here in India. Having owned the first generation Pulsar 150 (2002), the second generation Pulsar 180 (2005) and today driving a friend’s latest Pulsar 150, I wanted to blog my experiences with the Pulsar breed.

Pulsar 150 Classic

Classic Pulsar 150

Classic Pulsar 150

This was my first bike. Raw muscular looks. Back in 2002 it’s the bike to be on. What else could a first year college student yearn for! The Pulsar 150 had a great rush of power and was a dream bike when it comes to handling. I could draw a line on the road and ride right on it in total control. Best things I liked was the handling due to the short and excellent wheelbase. What I did not like was the clutch & gear box which felt like the ones in a municipal town bus.

Pulsar 180 – Red and black Version

2005 Pulsar 180

2005 Pulsar 180

When the second generation Pulsar 180 was launched I couldn’t resist it. The new fairing, wider wheels with black alloys and twinspark. This bike being a 180 had marginally better power and a plush ride due to the gas shocks. What I missed was the razor sharp handling. The agility is lost with the classic pulsar and the bike was more of a balanced machine. I was not able to feel the rear wheel as in my earlier pulsar. I sold the P180 in 2008 as I moved to bangalore and now drive a ’99 Rx-135.

Current Pulsar 150

Current Pulsar 150

Current Pulsar 150

It’s been a while since I rode the pulsar. My Rx-135 was sufficient fun and I occasionally used to ride my friend’s unicorn. I always used to tell my friend that the Unicorn is an amazing bike but still I would never buy it. I realized the reason again today. I drove the Pulsar 150. It beats the Unicorn hands down. Four years after selling my Pulsar 150, and today I felt like a college student again! The new Pulsar engine is more gruntier and the bike handles like an aeroplane. The way the bike roars as you accelerate is totally missing in bikes like Unicorn. The new bike has digital clocks (I don’t like the design of the meters though), wider rear tyres, engine kill switch and a surprisingly smooth gear shift. It was a short ride and I took the bike to 99kmph, it felt restricted after that but the pull until then was amazing. I am waiting to get my hands on a P220 to see how it will be, I am sure it will blow me away!

I parked the bike back and couldn’t stop grinning. Yes, it’s a boy indeed!

Karizma ZMR Vs Yamaha R15 October 19, 2009

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Let me put an end to the battle at the start itself. The best bike between ZMR and R15 is R15. But wait… given a choice to BUY a bike I would buy the ZMR. So where does the ZMR score better? Read on.


Both bikes are good lookers. But R15 is a class apart. It is a bike designed at one shot compared to the ZMR which evolved from the classic Karizma. Hence the R15 looks purposeful whereas ZMR is fanciful. R-Series styling is spot on. The Delta-box chassis suits a fully faired bike and mono-shock rear adds more juice. Relatively, the ZMR looks more fancy – a sort of hayabusiness with larger proportions. So the ZMR has better street presence whereas the R15 is extremely smart. Comparing pictures of ZMR and R15 side by side, the R15 wins hands down. But compare them on road, the ZMR’s larger proportions does make you look good enough. But, both bikes don’t have a graceful butt though 😉


Here comes the biggest difference. A tuned 150cc Vs relaxed 223cc. Both the bikes have extremely refined engines, deliver great power and are fuel injected. However the greatest difference is how they deliver power. The difference is visible in the specs:

R15: 17bhp@8500rpm, 15Nm@7500rpm

ZMR: 17.6bhp@7000rpm, 18.7Nm@6000rpm

The ZMR is around 20kg heavier so the higher torque and power are offset, but the difference is the 1500rpm difference between the two engines. In real world this makes a lot of a difference for the normal biker. In the R15 you have to wrung out pace like a racer, whereas the ZMR is a lot sedate in its power spread. So for the discerning rider, the ZMR will feel a lot faster. A proper biker would like the R15 as this is how sports bike behaves. You need to hold bikes like R15 in the power band. In contrast the ZMR is designed as a tourer for Indian conditions – Its heavy, extremely reliable, looks big and has power at lower revs. If you look closely why bullets are preferred for touring, you’ll see that power and torque peaks for a bullet as low as 2000-3000 rpm. Power at lower rpm has several advantages – a more relaxed engine, and a better drivability.


R15 wins hands down on a track. Delta box and a link type monocross suspension is way ahead compared to the ZMR. One can never catch R15 on a racing track. But on city roads the ZMR is as good as the R15.

Fuel Efficiency

Both bikes are equally good. The R15 might deliver slightly better mileage with careful driving.


Overall the R15 is a great bike and boasts best in class technology. It looks amazing as well. The ZMR on the other hand is an evolution. ZMR appends fuel injection, disc brakes and better styling to the Karizma. At the start of the blog I had mentioned I would buy a ZMR over the R15 mainly due to the way the bike delivers power at lower revs. Personally I don’t prefer to screw the engine hard to extract performance as I wont be using the bike on track. Also, when touring a 223cc bike delivering roughly the same power, better torque and more heavy weight than a 150cc is better suited. Also within city, the ZMR has better performance and good street presence. So technically the R15 is a better bike, but if you prefer power delivery as per my taste, the ZMR is the one.

One line Verdict: Technically R15 wins, but the old wine in new bottle kicks

Tata Indigo Manza – First Impressions October 15, 2009

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Indigo Manza

Indigo Manza

Well in my opinion this is not a new car. In Tata terminology, this is just the Vista version of Indigo and Indigo is the ugly version of Indica. Sorry about being too strong in describing the Manza looks, but we are living in 2009 and not 1990 where ‘beautiful’ was Contessa and Premier 118NE. That said, the looks of Manza is not ugly and it looks like what Indigo should have looked then. Welcome changes are the better wheel arches and the tail light. Though the tail light looks better than the horrible old ones, still the rear looks bland. The Indica Vista headlamps suit perfectly a hatchback but not a sedan. Sedans are supposed to look mean or elegant and Manza does not fall under either. Overall I would rate Manza above Swift Dzire and the Logan.

Huge space. That’s the USP since Indica and the Manza does not disappoint. The seats appear to be better designed, but the interiors are dreary grey. The steering is better with embedded control, but still the elegance/sportiness is missing. The clocks are located centrally, a layout which I don’t really appreciate.

I have not driven the Manza yet, but every Indian should have been on the Indica. Don’t expect this car to be very different exept a bit more powerful due to the Saffire Petrol. The diesel version has been good ever since and is the one to buy. Power specs of the petrol is disappointing as 90bhp for a 1.4L, which implies inefficiency. Diesel specs are quite applealing at 90 horses for a 1.3L. Also, these engines and gearbox are not upto the Japanese levels of refinement.

I expect the Manza not to be a great handler. Not even an average handler. It would be a long way before Tata can design a chasis that matches the Fords and Hondas. The small wheels neither aid the looks department nor help the performance.

Starting at 5L, the car sounds a good value for money. Compared to Indica Vista, what you get for the few extra thousands is the boot. But what you would loose is the looks and a bit of fuel efficiency for the extra weight. This car does not look great, does not perform the best and is not as solid as a German. It’s a better looking Indigo, but is that enough reason to buy it? I wouldn’t unless I am running Easy Cabs. This car would be suitable for a taxi – low pricing, average performance, decent diesel and good passenger/luggage space.

One Line Verdict: It’s worth, but not good enough!

Go Karting Tips and Techniques October 13, 2009

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Now that I have been go-karting for a while, I wanted to summarize some techniques I have learned to improve speed.
First, you should understand that a go-kart is different from other vehicles you might have driven.

Go-kart features

  • In a go-kart, you are just centimeters away from the track. Thus the Centre of Gravity is very low and adrenaline rush is  high.
  • In a go-kart there is no differential, i.e. a kart has a solid rear axle. Hence both the rear wheels always spin at the same speed. When there is no differential the vehicle is prone to under-steer (kart doesn’t turn with the steering) or over-steer (almost spins). This is because both wheels spinning at the same speed favors the kart to go in a straight line.
Solid Rear axle with rear disc brake

Solid Rear axle with rear disc brake

  • The brakes are connected to the rear axle only.
  • The front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels.
  • Power is delivered via rear wheels only
  • When you turn a kart to the right, steering is designed in such a way that front right wheel lifts up from the track. Similarly for the left wheel when turning left.
  • Most karts ride on slick tyres in the dry, more rubber on track better traction. But on the wet, slicks are OMG!

Now you know the kart technically, based on this we have some techniques to go faster.

Simple techniques

  • The kart is faster when it goes straight, i.e. steering should be neutral.
  • Identify the racing line. The racing line is the fastest line on the track. This is not necessarily the shortest. For example you need to form wide arcs while negotiating corners.
Racing Line

Racing Line

  • Braking. Easiest technique is to brake before turning when the steering is neutral. Turn the kart, as you hit the apex of the corner throttle to pick-up speed. For corners which don’t have a next corner immediately, always follow ‘slow in – fast out’
  • Best way to overtake is to slipstream the opponent.
  • Do not drift the kart or wheel spin. Be as smooth as possible. Squealing tyres might look dramatic but are slow.

Advanced techniques

  • The racing line for hair pin bends is not the widest arc. You need to brake very late and form a smaller arc by turning sharply. You can also overtake this way.
  • Simpler way to brake is to brake when the steering is neutral. But experts do ‘trail braking’. Here you brake a little latter and then turn. Even after turning there will be some parts of track where you can brake safely without spinning, here apply a little brake so that you dont exceed the maximum speed the corner can take. This might look like drifting, but we are not loosing speed and at the same time braking later.
Trail Braking

Trail Braking

  • Since brakes are connected to rear wheel, sit upright when braking so that weight shifts to the rear wheel. Thus braking is more effective due to more traction in the rear.
  • When turning a kart, bias your body weight on the side opposite to turning. This will aid the kart to lift the front wheel on the turning side. When the kart is on three wheels, the lack of differential is less pronounced and you get a more neutral handling

Happy Karting!

Male, Single, Bangalore, India March 27, 2009

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Taka Tak.. tak tak taka taka… The keypad in my friend’s laptop blurted out. Orkut Beta popped open merrily as his mouse pinched the Sign In button. There was a gush of adrenaline to check any recent scraps…

Day before Yesterday
Two days back, my friend… ok I’ll call him ‘Madhan’ (as anonymity was requested), frantically called me to convey that he has discovered the love of his life. ‘Ohhh…’ I sighed. ‘Dude, This is the umpteenth time, anyways what’s special this time?’ The conversation was followed by a quick exchange of mails. The first mail from Madhan consisted of a couple of JPG attachments, on opening which, a smiling beauty graced my PC monitor. Envy started filling my soul as I wondered why such a ‘figure’ never works out for me. Just as I was trying to recuperate myself, came the biggest shock, his next mail, where Madhan has managed to do some cheap photoshop of stitching a couple of his photos to the girl’s pic! Ayoo, Eppadi than ippadi yosikaranungalo!

‘The first line of communication has been established’ – Madhan announced with pride and asked me to check his orkut scrapbook. ‘Hey hi… Yep am your cousin Devi. How are you?’ My friend managed to jump the first hurdle with aplomb. This scrap was his most precious scrap ever. A few hours later he called up again and claimed that all lines of communication were established!

And Back to Today.
Now I was at Madhan’s house and still this guy was swimming in between ‘scraps’. He scrapped, “I have crossed ur 50th scrap.. Half Century!” It was more than Christmas for my friend to achieve this target! The next biggest question on any guy’s mind before progressing, is if the girl is younger to him. Using my scrap expertise I suggested my friend to start from asking the girl’s college and then which year she passed out. Felt proud over my tactics, as one could easily approximate the girl’s age from this piece of information. This day, orkut appeared more interesting than an India Pakistan Cricket match. Madhan was glued to his laptop and his arms appeared to be programmed to refresh his scrapbook every minute. A thousand questions started looming over his mind. ‘Is she scrapping me because she is interested?’, ‘Won’t it be good that we are relatives already’, ‘I know her sisters, they are good… so she should also be good’, ‘Is she very silent type?’ His thoughts were interrupted by the new scrap. ‘I passed out my school in 2002 and college in 2005, you are 2 months elder to me’. Hurray! Madhan jumped in joy as if India won the match against Pakistan. To him it was as if he was already married and his wife was carrying 2 months! But the joy did not last for long enough, not even long enough to imagine a complete duet – The next scrap popped up – ‘So am not your akka, u r my anna ryt????’ My friend collapsed after reading the last four question marks.

I suggested him to reply ‘not necessarily ;)’

Am I done yet? December 30, 2008

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I have been standing still for while now… My eyes were locked with his, in a steady gaze. He looked very similar to me. A super short hair cut, thick eyebrows and a dark tan. It’s yet another day, yet another morning. The lateral reflection in front of me appeared to shoot a million rapid fire questions. What the fuck man!


Few months back, sitting idle at the hospital room, my fingers tuned HBO, then showing ‘Are we done yet’ – a certainly flop movie. My mom being at the post-operative ward and no one else in the room, I locked the television frequency. The story was about a man who tries to make his best decisions, but every time it screws up even bigger. The movie struck a chord… no, rattled all chords with me. Now, on new year’s eve, I cant help thinking back how the year had passed.


January 2008 started with a bang. Just a month ago, the bull markets had smiled a handsome unrealized profit, but all was gone in just five minutes one ‘fine’ day. It did not take many revolutions of the clock for me to discover than I was nailed on Saturn’s box. My job kept me technically happy, generated good cash flows into the positive quadrant, but my heart was never really happy. I hated to miss out the evenings. I hated to miss out being free. I hated to miss out not being myself. I got an amazing opportunity, an interview with Capital One, but D-day I could not even multiply digits – screwed up. Once I had to give a presentation on tele-conference, I was so confused with the meeting that I did not even realize when I had to present – screwed up. I was running late to office, bike punctured – screwed up. No puncture shop nearby – screwed up. The crow perfectly shits on me – screwed up. Finally came the day I resigned. One of my proudest moment a year back, getting this job, and today, it looked like a big relief to resign.

The bad luck did not stop though, it followed the sensex pattern – consistently kicks ass. I rented a new house, shifted my parents here, bought a slew of home products and finally became penniless. I started my new job with a lot of optimism. I knew I could do things, but for some reason everything stopped working with my magical touch – Either outlook doesn’t work or Visual Studio doesn’t work or even freaky you tube doesn’t work. God damn PC stopped working once. I thought it’s ok, things will change. It did change… It became worst. My CAT was a big flop, in spite of coaching classes and the pack of mocking cats, I was still smitten – both on my wallet and on the test. My memory also got volatile, I forgot to make tax saving investments, I forgot to meet friends, I even forgot my car number. Few times I forget to remove my helmet even after parking the bike. My TV also stopped working and if I dialed customer care their telephone stopped working. I try print an e-ticket – the website stops working. If it works – then printer stops working. I open the tap – no water. I switch on the pump – no electricity. I want to buy a guitar – no money. I promise to take out my Mom – car punctured. I change a new tube and next day go to meet a friend – again puncture, defect in the new tube this time though. Many times I get lost on directions. I see two roads, I think left is the correct road and take left, but the other road is correct. If I think left is correct but take the right road, still the other road is the correct one. If there is only one road? Then I am traveling the wrong direction. Phew! There is a big list of things that don’t work well with me – mobile phone, internet, bike, car, shoes, bags, credit cards, traffic police, dvds, aptitude exams, computers, software, money, equities, sports, tv, pen, couriers and mosquitoes. I know the list is still in expansion phase…


A stolen quote:
Failure is not when we fall, but when we refuse to rise again.

God! Then go ahead, bring it on me.
Welcome 2009… and Happy New Year!

Chicken Biriyani, an overheard conversation and a mini Pepsi September 4, 2008

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It’s already two hours past mid-day. My stomach purred like a kitten caught inside a tumble-wash washing machine. Impatiently I entered a small hotel which was the first one I could spot from my bus stop.

“Bozzz… Menu card” was my first order.  The petty hotel had a menu card larger than it’s exterior image. Chinese, Tandoori, Chettinad and a lot more all at a very nominal price compared to the Kentacky Fried Chickens of Bangalore.

“Rendu Parotta, egg masala kudunga”

“Sir vera edha dry items, chicken, fish fry…”

“Umm… Seri oru Chicken 65 kudunga”

Every time i order this Chicken 65 i remember the Kozhi Arubathi Anju comedy and I control the laughter within myself as I dont want to appear like a lunatic laughing out alone. I dont know why, atleat in my state of TamilNadu people had the opinion if you laugh alone then you are mentally retarded.

I started voraciously munching my Parottas and realized that the kitten inside my stomach won’t be happy with that. So I ordered one more Chicken Biriyani and a Pepsi. Pepsi with Biriyani or Parotta feels like heaven to me. What a Fusion of western and classical dishes!

Just then two dark guys appearing to be in their mid twenties came and sat in front of me. To me, they looked like bachelors working in some pump manufacturing industry. I acted as though i never took notice of them and even they did not care much about me.

The person sitting on the right side seemed to be slightly senior as he did most of the talking.

“Koochame pada maataan da avan”. The guy on the right continued the conversation he was having before entering the hotel. “Panathukkaga illa, aana konjamavadhu yosikanum illa?”.

The waiter interrupted them “Sir enna sapidreenga? Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani…”

“Enna sapidreenga? Chickena? Mutton? Koocha padama sapidunga, enakku ungala pathi nala theriyum… neenga eppadi irundheenga… ellam theriyum” Neenga nalla sapidunga.”

“Neenga enna sapidreenga?” – The guy on the left broke his silence, so far he looked very meek and worried.

“Enakku parotta podhum, daily biriyani sapittu romba weight aidichu… Ennoda heightukku naan 65kgs than irukkanum aana 9 kilo adhigama iruken… idhuve adhigam”

“Seri enakku oru chicken biriyani”, And he asked the waiter “chicken biriyani eppadi irukkum? umm… piece eppadi irukkum?”

“Sir oru leg piecum ore chinna pieceum irukkum sir”


“Enakku oru plate parotta”

“Sir gravy?

“Vera onnum vendam, parotta oda regulara vara sherva mattum thanga”

I sighed within. I have ordered more than what both these persons have ordered together and there is this guy in front of me speaking about controlling diet. Whatever I am hungry and I munched the boiled eggs with delight.

The waiter quickly brought my CB and mini Pepsi and also the dishes for my table mates.

The right guy started again “Shankar call panni irundhaaru, ungala visaricharu”

“Shankar arumaiyana payan, collegele irunde avana enakku nalla pazhakkam… cha college le ellam valkai romba nalla irundhudhu”

I was enjoying my ‘kozhi arubathi anju’ and also while listening to the conversation with a countenance that pretended not to. A person in a nearby table was blabbering aloud as well. The person sitting to my left got irritated and told his friend “Pagalaye sarakku adichittu indha aalu panra rouse thangala”

“Neenga unga room matea nambadheenga avlo than solluven… Avanukku 25 ayiram sambalam, prechanaiye illa, avan eppa venna ungala kelti uttutu poiduvan.”

“Theriyidhu… naan edhirpaakama ellam illa…”

“Seri thayir sadham sapidunga, Biriyani saptaproam sapita nalladhu”

“Illa vendam, idhe enakku niraya irukku”

“Adhu ellam illa, sapidunga, nama share pannikellam..” To the server: “Oru thayir sadham”

“Sir, cool drinks edha venuma? pepsi, 7-up, miranda?”

“Cool drinks sapidreengala?”

“Vanilla Ice cream irukka?”

“Ahan.. irukku sir”

“Okie appa ivarukku maathram oru cup vanilla ice cream kudunga”

I almost gobbled the last morsel in my biriyani. Pepsi and the overheard conversation between two persons complimented my meal ver well. Some things in life like the pepsi which might not be good still feels good, so is eavesdropping or overheared conversations… could be useless and make no meaning, like the the one i heared, but still feels good. I felt engaged throughout the meal, paid a good tip and left the hotel. 

90 minutes to office July 29, 2008

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I always try to blog in a different style everytime… that’s why long gaps until i get a feeling to pen down something. What’s new this time is I am blogging whatever happened in a short duration of 90 minutes – 28.7.2008, 7:00 to 8:30am, an ordinary monday morning incident stitched inbetween current affairs.

* * *

Nowadays it’s getting extremely difficult to sleep early… Keeping the ass stationary for several hours in a cushioned seat chilled at 22 degerees centigrade definitely doesnt help. The late yawn doesnt stop early either. However, I woke up today when the black hands of my yellow clock bisected it into two vertical semi circles. It’s day zero – Monday. Sleep held my body with numerous Weber- turns of magnetism. A hot water bath would do good to unwind the flux off. Looking at my week old beard i wondered whether God is intelligent enough, why did He give men the beard when they are ought to shave it off to look human. Maybe He wanted looks to be configurable.

As usual I was late to bring up to speed my semi-sleeping soul. My Yamaha roared as i kicked him to life – 5 minutes but 10 kms i told to myself. I was already late (as usual) to my coaching class. Today i decided to risk discovering a new shorcut so that i could be on time. It was obvious that i need to keep heading West, but the road felt like being on a Mars expedition and amplified by yesterday’s rain, Indian infrastructure rattled all my bones and spit shitty water all over my pants and shoes. I was furious for all the Tax i had paid last year this is what the government gives me back. India is like a ditch i thought, you throw a stone at it – it flings shit, even if you throw gold – still it flings same shit. Worst of all, the road twisted and instead of West i was travelling South all along. I understand Bangalore is not Avenues and Streets but atleast there could be some direction boards in a comprehendalble language. Already late 20 minutes, I managed to find the right way only to have my bike choke up a couple of times and then go mute. The rocketing fuel prices doesnt fuel as much as it did before. I could understand the huge demand for fuel these days… Thousands of cabs, school vans, auto rickshaws… Bangalore roads seem to be the largest and most congested auto expo ever. It’s not only the vehicles, we have the diesel generators… IT, BPOs are forced to run on diesel generators averaging 8 hours a day due to the power crisis. Why the power crisis? Lack of rains. So i try to formulate a quick equation: Rain scarcity -> Power scarcity -> Fuel scarcity -> Higher fuel cost -> I loose money. Another interesting study tells that More Rain -> Lesser vehicles on road -> Lesser fuel demand -> Lesser fuel cost -> I save money. So it looks like how rich/poor I am is also to an extent decided by the rains! And at this level, the governments are spending billions researching how we can survive in Mars and in listening to cosmic rays believing some one extra terrestrial is calling! Shouldnt we first listen to the calls of the poor and deprived humans and life in our very own earth.

I limped with my bike to the nearest fuel sation but by the time i had already lost my mood to go to my coaching class. I decided to atleast go to my office early. It was not even 8 am, but the roads were already crowded with people marching towards all directions. I was able to see two kinds of people. One group wearing glossy id-cars on their necks, nowadays people dont look at how many grams your gold chain weighs to estimate you, but look at the brand printed on your id-cards. Little do they realize the id-card guys are just another breed of labours – its either you haul local trash or multi-national trash. The other group of people would mostly have their greasy pants rolled up, worn out slippers and either a chisel or hammer in hand. Dont think am sympathetic over the second kind of people. Most of them i belive are as rouge as the chisels they carry, unrefined as their greasy trousers and would emit sweet poetry when they open their mouth. They doze their physical pain by immersing themselves in ethanol and ultimately stink like a kingfisher beer. Look at the id-card guy… similar human except that his darker sides are carefully disguised in Allen Solly. The id-card guys earn more just because there are relatively lesser guys of their kind… those who had the privelege of convent education, expensive tution, academics and lifestyle and but still claim all these as their own ‘talent’. Everyone sucks, i told myself as i kept heading towards my office.

Driving in rush hour Bangalore is a deadly race where you can lead only by putting your life in a poisson distribution probability. Just two days ago, i saw this man.. err.. body lying in a scarlet pool with the torso twisted perpendicular to his red-striped face.. His bike was probably hit – ultimately relieving him of the worldly pain. Split second can decide whether you are going to see St.Peter or your moma back home. I saw no one dared even to check if there was some breath left in the poor guy, even i wouldnt dare to do that. TV serials and movie have educated me that it’s a legal hassle helping accident cases. However the incident didnt educate people to drive safe as the mad rush towards IT parks continue everyday in full swing. Interesting part is that the administrative intellects are finding radically incorrect solutions to these problems… they are fixing video cameras for analysing traffic and drivers’ pattern – which i am sure is more complex than an intraday stock chart. I guess then traffic cops might need to learn exponential moving averages, rather they should go and fix lamp posts first. Another ‘intelligent’ solution was for the nuclear deal issue, to vote on which party to rule, rather they should vote if the deal was required are not – a clear evidence parties are interested in their mutual battles than public good.

I finally reached office around 8 30 am… It was dark, I recollected that in the office i worked earlier, 8 30 pm would be brighter than how it was now… I though about the BPO guys who work American hours for Indian money… They have to change the way they slept and ate for 20 years inorder to save something for the remaining 20 years… Hmm… just like whatever i have typed so far… people speak all this while sitting in cafeteria and muse what could be done… Just like everyone else, I too can only speak… i dont have solutions… neither do you…