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Safari @ Bangalore February 20, 2007

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We went to the Bannergetta Biological Park on 18th Feb, 2007. Its around 20km from Bangalore and we were a group of seven. We had some fun in the bus, it was the first time i traveled in the 1.5 times long bangalore buses. The safari was cool we saw the vegetarians like deer and some stag like species, then the non-vegeterians lion, bear and the awesome tiger… childish trip but we all mocked each other and had great time, then we spent the evening in the zoo, i tried to trick an elephant into blessing me without giving money, but intelligent animal it was! Anyway its a good place to spend some 5 hours, so people visiting B’lore and interested in wildlife can visit this place. It costs 120rs a weekend ticket for the safari…
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The Story So Far February 20, 2007

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The beginning was’nt very remarkable. I was puffing for breadth, doctors rushed me to another hospital, little did I know whether I would see daylight at all. The few people who cared had their fingers crossed, after a few days I was still alive, underweight and placed in an incubator.
Schooling was most ordinary for me, abstracted from the hardships of real world, life was midterm, quarterly, half yearly and annual exams. I was a medicore student, but with help from parents and friends (esp karadi) I made it to a good college. New atmosphere but good people around, 5 yrs passed like a season.