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all days are not sundays March 26, 2007

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“I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness”

— i’ll get back to the quote at the end!

I believe sunday is the ‘odd man out’ of the entire week. During my school days this is how sundays pass… I normally wake up at 8 30 am those days… ‘The Hindu’ newspaper would have colourful attachments then and lot of advertisements, without even brushing i will be going through the newspaper (pictures only!). Then its a special breakfast at sunday, usually chappattis with channa or puri & masala, I always eat to my fullest on sundays. Then moma wants me to go and get chicken for lunch… Sundays are also notable for watching TV, some of my fav childhood tv shows in DD channel are Shaktimaan, Captain Vyom, Chandrakanta, Om Namasivaya, Small Wonder and so… how i used to run home to watch these! Then the evening usually goes playing cricket in our ground which we fondly named as the Shit-ney pitch… We used to play matches against different area teams, bet matches, team splits, rain spoilt matches and so on! we also used to play hide and seek, lagori, happit in pambaram.Also, frequently we used to visit train track nearby, which has a forest appearance with a small hill and a deep well on the way. Other time-passes were fishing in valamkulam, cycling races, flying kite, playing with pups etc…

Next phase is sundays from my tenths standards… this is when tution classes start… so most entertainment cut as time passes studying for tests and writing them… Then after school its college time… During these years every sunday i used to meet my school time friends, somedays we go for movies, somedays we played cricket on my friends appartment terrace, we also got addicted to roadside chat shops and visited them every sunday evening… Dinner was mostly outside home, ranging from petty shops to grand buffets.

Next phase in sundays is when i started my internship… the location changes to bangalore. mostly we used to visit some pace here like forum, mg road, and do any shopping or atleast window shopping… also a lot of money gets spent on food by trying out different restaurants. Some wekends i visit my home, during these days its very hectic, meeting friends, spending time with family and so… Sunday nights have been similar throughout, gloomy, recalling whats the work to be done on monday, so with a heavy heard i tuck myself under my bedsheet, awaiting for the next sunday!

Well, this is how this Sunday (25.3.2007) went… I went to my hometown cbe, but since parents out of station i had to stay alone… I thought of making it a different day, so surprisingly went to dhanvanthri temple, dhanvathri is the diety for health, then i went to a charity home for the orphans, i have never been to this place by myself. I remember my mom taking me there once when i was a kid. I was welcomed there by an old lady as “come son!” and another little girl came running to switch on the fan, she told “please sit here brother”… I saw photos of Mother Teresa and Jesus Christ all over… i din have a look at all the children there… I told the sister there “I’ll come again” and left the place… it was a different experience… I like to share a Mother Teresa quote on this occassion,

“I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness”


bedtime scorpion March 21, 2007

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Yesterday night before sleeping i wished to hear some story, its has become an old practice these days to induce sleep by story telling. So, my room mate Gokul started the story…

Once a sage saw a scorpion falling into water, in the process of helping this scorpion to get out of water, the sage had to endured a sting. But, the scorpion again and again kept falling into water and every time it was rescued, it stung the sage. An onlooker was surprised and asked the sage why he was showing mercy to the cruel scorpion. The sage replied “To sting, is the scorpions character, to show mercy is my character”
“Which fool will do like this”! we broke out into laughter on hearing the story. Gokul reasoned out that one should help others without putting oneself into pain. I thought for a while what i would have done, I would have rescued the scorpion but once it shows its true colour I would have killed it on the spot itself! Other questions… why dont we rescue the scorpion using a stick and put some where away from the water… With all this pointless talks, the bed time story continued untill midnight diverting into diverse topics!

Well, there are some intresting facts about the scorpion itself…

The speciality of the scorpion species is its tail… some scorpions are born with two tails

The scientific term for the sting is telson and produces the venom

Scorpion venom are not poisoness to humans, except swelling and slight pain

Scorpions can live b/w 4 to 25 years!

They cannot digest solid food

There are no scorpions in Newzealand

Some scorpions grow upto 9.75 feet!

my first real six string… March 19, 2007

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Some how I have started earning these days… not much, a paltry amount, but enough for a happy life in bangalore. So  I decided to get something for myself… an object of art, something holy, some thing enjoyable, a thing that can be showcased, a thing which can be dusted and kept for 100 years and would bring back memories of December 4, 2006… the day i entered corporate… Back in my hometown i visited kalyani musicals, went without any knowledge on guitars… i had an overview of different models but decided to get in b’lore itself as logistics would be a bit diffi…
I managed to find another music shop in b’lore near my place itself… i would have buyed if the shopkeeper was not having his lunch that time… i was eying a spectacular givson 6-string… the intresting thing is i have never played a guitar till now… but wanted to have the pride in possessing it and carrying it  wherever i go.. i dreamt of having the same guitar even after 30 years and eyeing it possesively from a distance while rocking on an old wooden easy-chair… at that momment the most appealing object to me was the six string.. but a strange thing happened as i went to draw money from my citybank ATM… as the cash slip got ejected, i had a feeling that the guitar is too costly an object for me… with the saved 2k bucks, i could do more that would bring happiness to many more people… i started thinking hard… umm… finally decided ‘no guitar’ atleast till june…

Anyway i like to share more on the guitar… Broadly guitars are classified into acoustic and electric… I gravitate toward the acoustic guitar as i feel it produces true and natural music. The electric guitar on the other hand requires frills like amplifier and electricity and are also dearer. The quality of the guitar depends upon the following: the wod material, the material of the strings (metal/fibre etc.) and also the form factor of the vibrating air column, (x,f shapes). Also you need to tune a guitar’s strings to match the sounds to the true raaga…i.e notes.. Also the number of strings will vary for different guitars… the six string’s are the common ones… The givson six string is still enticing me…

love thy neighbour??? March 18, 2007

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Two days ago, it was a nice discussion at G07, Comfort homes… my paying guest room at Bangalore… That day, my roommate had disclosed his love to his parents… the way he handled it was admirable… three words to describe it: bold, true, and planned. That was not the only love story for the day, another roommate had his story, another true one… no obstacles for him too, except this fact – horoscope. It wasn’t a mismatch but was something like endangering someone’s life as a result. India’s arranged marriage paradigm and the love marriage concept somehow contradict each other heavily atleast in most of the cases. My personal opinion, accept whatever that happens in life is the best or if u are into love marriage one should not even have the least intention of looking into astrology. I always wonder how one can marry someone who they don’t know… There should be some match of character atleast… In one way the caste bias is good because it ensures similar practices on both sides… but as time passes everyone start following the same lifestyle… Another worse thing I observe is that love has become fashion! I laud the dating concept but it is useless atleast in present India. So what is the solution? I really don’t know!

Now coming to horoscopes… are they true? I personally believe in god, and that everything exists for a reason. Also I have immense faith in our fore fathers… so I do believe horoscopes are true, but they are not perfect as it’s a science that has been followed by practice… if you believe in patterns in life, that’s what horoscopes are… Basically all astrology techniques, Indian, the feng shui, or the zodiacs all categorize based on the planetary position, time of birth etc… In one technique they divide the signs into four: air, water, fire and earth… if two signs fall under the same category, then they are likely to be a fit… In marriage, this kind of fit is only checked… so either trust in horoscope or trust your own wisdom… both cannot go wrong!

So a small check game, for anyone who reads this, I have listed the signs under their categories, just verify whether you and the person you like, may be it friend, relations, brother, sister or someone whom you admire both lie under the same category 😉

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Air: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

smile :) and the world smiles back! March 15, 2007

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today… i decided to smile more, that’s to enjoy more! i should get the max out of life na! so what’s the action plan???

1. google images smile, and download a smiley pic. then use it as my avatar in wordpress

2. goto wikipedia and search for smile

3. wonder y i did all these and scratch my head!

moral of the story??? smile is not the best thing done voluntarily, but always something is better than nothing. I decided to be positive, its positive attitude that can make us cheerful and inturn generate “Duchenne smile”. getting technical??? wikki reports three types of smiles actually. “Duchenne smile” is the genuine smile.

Genuine  smilePan american smile

Next is the “Pan American Smile”, this is more artificial one… commonly found in the corporate world. Theres a third one, which is similar to the pan american smile, but refers to the welcome smile of south east asians and is called as the ” Zheng Dao Smile”

So finally my opinion is tat if you keep thinking of the type of smile you want to do, u’ll never make a duchenne!!!