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need for speed May 24, 2007

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Helmets on, I have a long look at the winding track, looks very simple infact. I climbed into the centerish seat… The tiny front wet weather tyres have lost most of the grooves… but the track was watery, small pools of water lay at few sections… the helper started the 4-stroke 100 cc motor… VROOOOOOOOOOOM…

The afternoon was cold, just then it had stopped raining… I decided to go karting, one of my longtime desires… I feared that am too heavy and old for an average kart… but wanting to try anything exciting I reached Kart Attack, some 15 kms from main Coimbatore. It cost me 100 bucks/5 min and I took 10 mins for my first outing. The helper warned me to easy as it was my first try and also coz the track was wet… Lap 1… I press the right foot pedal… the engine roars, sitting just 5-10 cms from ground the g-force seems higher, the non-differential steering was vague, but razor sharp and imprecise on the short wheels… I took a slow lap getting used to the machine, the track as well as the grip… Lap 2… I was throwing the kart all over the corner touching speeds more than 50 kmph… it felt as twice as fast sitting so low in the tight and twisty track… The vibrations were very harsh almost numbing my hands… but it was highly addictive as I entered consecutive laps… I started hitting the apex of corners trying to get the best racing line… as I drove over water pools I could feel loosing grip and drifting a bit… but it was great fun, I lapped another driver, a little girl who was practicing… I almost scared her as my kart touched hers at twice the speed, however both stayed in control despite a bit wobble… there was a smooth surface section on the exit of a corner designed to skit off drivers in case of excess speed… worse still it was watery today… every time I drove through that section, it was scary, the kart wobbling wildly, I was able to control it for many laps despite getting shaken wildly… at the end of five minutes I lapped one person thrice and once for another person who was a bit faster. Next I decided to test another kart which they suggested to be relatively better… This one accelerated very well, however there was much lesser grip… I forgot to lift my foot out of the smooth surfaced corner and it was a 180 degree spin as I hit the tyre walls… wow! I felt thrown out a bit… the helper rushed to push my kart back into the track… I was more cautions then onwards and tried to scorch as much as I could… at the end I was informed I was 4 seconds behind the lap record.. not very bad considering my first outing on a damp track… my heavy weight could also be a deterrent… however it was a good experience… hands were paining from the force feedback… but it was very addictive, the adrenaline rush… I could imagine how exciting it would be to race in the branded rotax karts!!! Or how good it should be to drive an mclaren f1 car!

Ok, to give some info about a go kart, the most exciting thing about the kart is lack of differential… that is even while turning both side wheels spin at the same speed making the kart understeer heavily… this coupled with the low c.g and seat height gives an amazing adrenaline experience!