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The .Net Vs J2EE August 25, 2007

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Well, this is my first technical blog… reason? i just joined the ‘me too software engineer’ club ūüôā I feel programmers have nowadays become like commoners. I remember a sms i received, ‘if you throw a stone on the streets of bangalore it will either hit a dog or a software engineer!’ sorry for the sarcasm, am not proud over my profession… where i get paid for pressing up and down 106 keys! frankly it doesnt take a lot to become a application developer, atleast as long as google and the Ctrl, C and V keys exists in the keyboard… Ok i’ll stop the mumble and stick to the topic. For the average guy, as he enters this s/w field, the first prayer would be to get into a good technology. My opinion is also that a better technology is more important than a better company… atleast as a fresher as it is the foundation. Some have the choice to specialize in a technology… and if you are building enterprise applications the .Net Vs J2EE battle is happening for you as well!

So here we go, .Net and J2EE are two platforms that facilitate developing enterprise and web applications for business like finance, retail, science etc. These two ‘equally powered’ platforms are pitched against each other in cold war, .Net being Microsoft’s contender to the Sun’s Open Source. From a common man’s perspective, .Net sounds like a hi-fi technology, and being a Microsoft product looks hightly seductive. Its true that the .Net is very glamorous, easy and fast to go, fun as well. J2EE is based on uncle Java, looks a tad older but millions of ‘open Source’ guys have added a lot of wisdom into it. So what do I go for? Which technology is better? What is the future?

First let me list the key differences between Mr.Net and Mr J2EE: .Net is a Microsoft product. Thats it. Its professional, its expensive. Its productive. It lives in the microsoft street. So what? You need to buy it. You need to keep buying microsoft products. Microsoft means business. J2EE is the big daddy, and the older platform. Its tried, its tested, its getting better. You can download it online, you can learn it online, you can run it everywhere, you can save pocket money, you can buy wine for every visitor.

Getting confused??? So first distinction, if you are a rich guy, get a mercedes, get a .Net, keep spending more. You will live in high prestige, you journey will be silky smooth. If you are poor or a bit greedy, go to the nearest trash, pick up a J2EE, profit is theoretically infinity, i.e. zero investment – n profit. Your journey will not be air conditioned, sweat it out, but still you will reach the destination.

Here comes the second distinction. Now i am a hardcore programmer. I dont play with toys. I need action. I need a manual transmission ferrari V8 and not the automatic toyota priyus for girls. I know its hard, but thats where job satisfaction comes it. How do you like to program??? play with the mice or hit 106 keys a minute. If you are the nerdy guy, you would like the J2EE. It looks monsterous to you with a plenty of action stuff you can download for free. You love the command line more than those cutie icons. You start speaking about ajax, ruby on rails, hibernate and apache even on friday nights. The J2EE gives more programming satisfaction, while the .Net gives you more status.

Initially i tended to gravitate towards .Net, it looked fast and easy. It is indeed. And, J2EE looked like a beggars plate… But i wanted to do things with more passion, GNU & Open Source all exists on this passion… I recall a quote: ‘Windows thinks you are so stupid that you can never make a mistake, Unix thinks you are more intelligent, that you easily make mistakes’. I wanted to be intelligent… even if its the hard way.


Escape August 21, 2007

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I got introduced to this song a few days ago… since then its echoing within me everyday, so sharing a part of the lyrics here… its Enrique Iglesias’ Escape for you!

If you feel like leaving
I’m not gonna make you stay
Soon you’ll be finding
You can run, you can hide
But you can’t escape my love

So if you go
You should know
It’s hard to just forget the past so fast
It was good, it was bad but it was real
And that’s all you get in the end of the matter

Here’s how it goes
All it takes is some trying
You can run, you can hide
But you can’t escape my love

manjal veyil maalaiyile… August 17, 2007

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Thursday, 9.8.2007

Why do i sleep so much during¬†these training sessions! Dreams keep spiralling even as i try to focus… It’s 5pm, my assignment looks complex than the traditional chineese font. I get reminded of the poetry ‘After apple picking’ as i code my assignments through the black IBM keyboard… Finally its past midnight, I reach my hotel room early morning 2 a.m and bounced onto my bed…

Friday, 10.8.2007

Fridays are a ray of hope, a reason to continue living… I didn’t stay beyond 4 30 pm at the office. The evening was windy and the coolest i have experience till date at the big apple. I took a long stroll over the brooklyn bridge with a couple of friends, the bridge was a marvellous structure and such an addiction for walking… its supposed to be the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. Next we headed to Saravana Bhavan to meet more friends for dinner, Sambhar and Dosas were nectar @ Manhattan soil! Wanting more out of the Friday evening, we went to Coldstone where you get ice creams prepared merrily by singing, i tasted one of the richest and delicious chocolate icecream mixed with brownie and choco chips ūüôā The AMC theatres, Timesquare was next destination, expecting the UnderDog to be a terror movie, we came out laughing heartily… Its past midnight, 1 30 a.m, and¬†Timesquare looked even more electrifying…

Saturday, 11.8.2007

Weekends are for fun and we kept discovering more and more spots… By mid-day we reached central park, the most visited in¬†United States… We went to the meuseum there, then walked past the lawns and ponds in the park.¬† Feeling the need for more adventure, we¬†rode to Brighton beach, the cold waters shivered¬†all my nerves but it was enjoyable every moment… we splashed¬†on the waters untill late evening… Subway pizaa after sinking wet tasted great¬†and the momentum induced us to plan¬†more for the night as well… So¬†its Atlantic city next! Atlantic city is a mini las vegas with its night life and grand casinos… We reached¬†Ballys late night at 2 a.m… the casino was splendid and¬†its a sight to¬†witness people in large crowds loosing money at these odd hours! i gambled for one and half bucks and lost as default ūüė¶ We left the place early morning 5 a.m to reach my hotel at 7 a.m…

Sunday, 12.8.2007

Hardly i slept for 3 hours, my moto razr screaming to wake me up… I dressed hurriedly to receive my sister at the la guardia. Excited to meet my 4 month old nephew and brother-in-law i rushed as fast as i can… It was happy hours to be with family again tasting the sweet milk pedas my sister made… We went to the Statue of Libery in the afternoon, which wasn’t as as spectacular as i expected… Dinner was at Bombay Garden where i had some spicy chicken, way¬†better than many restaurants¬†back in India… It was already late in the night as i walked back to my room… Its 10 p.m, Sunday… recollecting the moments of the week, i walked slowly in¬†this new world… A busy week is ahead, more assignments, more trainings, more work… I set the alarm to 7 a.m and pulled my blanket…¬†It’s very tiring…¬†