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sneak peek: incidental psycho # October 10, 2007

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‘All the world is a stage’… I recollect my favourite movie – Truman’s Show. The hero is put in a bogus world and his entire life being broadcasted to the so called ‘real world’. I feel the real world is not much different. Every person has to act through to do his ‘deeds’… There will be no universal set of ‘deeds’ that one has to do… its different for different personalities, varying on the chemistry of their genes and illusions burnt by their environment. We move cautiosly… millions of neurons deciding what we say and what we do. Ultimately, man speaks very less… infinitely less than what he thinks…

Introducing, the ‘incidental psycho’ series… coming soon, only at cyberabis.wordpress.com


with the photographer… October 1, 2007

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The following is an email sent to me by my dear friend and budding photographer Srikanth (nick: Magaa). This guy is known for his flowery dialogues and this mail is no an exception. ‘Any sorrow can be endured while doing your favourite work’ is one of his words of wisdom… i dont recollect it exactly though… And our Magaa’s favourite hobby is… read the mail below and witness the delight of an artist @ work!

Hello friends,

“My experiment with the camera” has just begun. Spent a sleepless night in captruing these pictures. This is the view outside my aprtments. It is the view of New York (manhattan), captured from New Jersey . NY and NJ being separated by Hudson river, you get the best view during the night. It is the most difficult thing to capture pictures in the dark, as there are several constraints. I don’t want to go into those technical aspects of camera and photogrphy and bore you. I have tried my best, though this is my first go. And I promise I can learn very quickly with your support and suggestions. Have a look at them whenever you are free. And do tell/suggest me of any improvements(In short, poke me in the head whenever u get the opportunity). ” It was a boring day. The clock on my desk was showing a frowning face looking at my plight(the time was 3 40, and the needles will be at a frowning angle!!!) Will our lives be so much boring, to sit and stare at the stupid monitor for hours together, hammering the keyboard without any mercy? Well, I got the answer immediately, when the fed-ex guy banged on my shoulder as I banged the return key. ‘Heyy meester, u ve gat a paarcel ‘. ‘Oh, thaanx a llot‘, I said, trying to speak in accent. Can such a miracle happen at work? Yes, it can. I opened the large box, to reveal another box inside. Yes, I got what I was aspiring, my weapon of joy and construction. I had ordered for a tripod a week back, which got delivered now.


The night was cold and chilling(though not as cold as my heart !!). I got dressed up, loaded my weapon(stuffed the memory card into my camera!!), and set out for the night of adventure(12 floors down in an elevator, then 100 meters to the left of my building). The nylon grip on my RBK was screeching every time it made contact with the smooth glassy tiles. It was hardly a mins walk. By the time I reached the desired destination, my hands had become brittle and numb, as if it was made of wood or some rock solid stuff.(Like the frozen villain in terminator 2 judgment day).The owl on a distant tree was watchin me setting up my apparatus, which took me around two minutes. Loaded the scope, which clung to my camera whit the authentic “cliktch” sound. Oyee,, you still reading?? Aaahhh, common, go on and click the below link. Thts why they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!……………………..”