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the money plant December 2, 2007

Posted by Abishek in Uncategorized.

In my last post.. many days ago, i had hinted on ‘incidental psycho’ which is yet to take off… However, late, but latest, there is no final ‘.’ for this blog 🙂 Since the last 2 weeks i am hooked to investing. Like knowledge, i believe investment grows on sharing. I intend to start blogging on investments henceforth… i wish to share abt investing in stocks, money fundas, more about money, some more about money and a lot more about money! before i start, a BIG disclaimer…

DISCLAIMER: Everything i write is my personal opinion. All facts mentioned are taken from open sources. Strictly no insider information here!

money plant

To start off… money is both material and immaterial. Material in the sense, it gets u stuff, fancy cars, jewellery and funky clothing. Immaterial in the sense gives you confidence, pleasure, power and status. Immaterial component is what i would call as unrealized gain/loss in financial terms. All that can be realized at the end of the day is, money gets u stuff, single utility, you can spend it. Saving and investing are nothing but planned and delayed spending. So in the blogs to come, i hope to tell more about this ‘spending’… we might even justify ‘spending’ as the universal action… keep watching…