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90 minutes to office July 29, 2008

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I always try to blog in a different style everytime… that’s why long gaps until i get a feeling to pen down something. What’s new this time is I am blogging whatever happened in a short duration of 90 minutes – 28.7.2008, 7:00 to 8:30am, an ordinary monday morning incident stitched inbetween current affairs.

* * *

Nowadays it’s getting extremely difficult to sleep early… Keeping the ass stationary for several hours in a cushioned seat chilled at 22 degerees centigrade definitely doesnt help. The late yawn doesnt stop early either. However, I woke up today when the black hands of my yellow clock bisected it into two vertical semi circles. It’s day zero – Monday. Sleep held my body with numerous Weber- turns of magnetism. A hot water bath would do good to unwind the flux off. Looking at my week old beard i wondered whether God is intelligent enough, why did He give men the beard when they are ought to shave it off to look human. Maybe He wanted looks to be configurable.

As usual I was late to bring up to speed my semi-sleeping soul. My Yamaha roared as i kicked him to life – 5 minutes but 10 kms i told to myself. I was already late (as usual) to my coaching class. Today i decided to risk discovering a new shorcut so that i could be on time. It was obvious that i need to keep heading West, but the road felt like being on a Mars expedition and amplified by yesterday’s rain, Indian infrastructure rattled all my bones and spit shitty water all over my pants and shoes. I was furious for all the Tax i had paid last year this is what the government gives me back. India is like a ditch i thought, you throw a stone at it – it flings shit, even if you throw gold – still it flings same shit. Worst of all, the road twisted and instead of West i was travelling South all along. I understand Bangalore is not Avenues and Streets but atleast there could be some direction boards in a comprehendalble language. Already late 20 minutes, I managed to find the right way only to have my bike choke up a couple of times and then go mute. The rocketing fuel prices doesnt fuel as much as it did before. I could understand the huge demand for fuel these days… Thousands of cabs, school vans, auto rickshaws… Bangalore roads seem to be the largest and most congested auto expo ever. It’s not only the vehicles, we have the diesel generators… IT, BPOs are forced to run on diesel generators averaging 8 hours a day due to the power crisis. Why the power crisis? Lack of rains. So i try to formulate a quick equation: Rain scarcity -> Power scarcity -> Fuel scarcity -> Higher fuel cost -> I loose money. Another interesting study tells that More Rain -> Lesser vehicles on road -> Lesser fuel demand -> Lesser fuel cost -> I save money. So it looks like how rich/poor I am is also to an extent decided by the rains! And at this level, the governments are spending billions researching how we can survive in Mars and in listening to cosmic rays believing some one extra terrestrial is calling! Shouldnt we first listen to the calls of the poor and deprived humans and life in our very own earth.

I limped with my bike to the nearest fuel sation but by the time i had already lost my mood to go to my coaching class. I decided to atleast go to my office early. It was not even 8 am, but the roads were already crowded with people marching towards all directions. I was able to see two kinds of people. One group wearing glossy id-cars on their necks, nowadays people dont look at how many grams your gold chain weighs to estimate you, but look at the brand printed on your id-cards. Little do they realize the id-card guys are just another breed of labours – its either you haul local trash or multi-national trash. The other group of people would mostly have their greasy pants rolled up, worn out slippers and either a chisel or hammer in hand. Dont think am sympathetic over the second kind of people. Most of them i belive are as rouge as the chisels they carry, unrefined as their greasy trousers and would emit sweet poetry when they open their mouth. They doze their physical pain by immersing themselves in ethanol and ultimately stink like a kingfisher beer. Look at the id-card guy… similar human except that his darker sides are carefully disguised in Allen Solly. The id-card guys earn more just because there are relatively lesser guys of their kind… those who had the privelege of convent education, expensive tution, academics and lifestyle and but still claim all these as their own ‘talent’. Everyone sucks, i told myself as i kept heading towards my office.

Driving in rush hour Bangalore is a deadly race where you can lead only by putting your life in a poisson distribution probability. Just two days ago, i saw this man.. err.. body lying in a scarlet pool with the torso twisted perpendicular to his red-striped face.. His bike was probably hit – ultimately relieving him of the worldly pain. Split second can decide whether you are going to see St.Peter or your moma back home. I saw no one dared even to check if there was some breath left in the poor guy, even i wouldnt dare to do that. TV serials and movie have educated me that it’s a legal hassle helping accident cases. However the incident didnt educate people to drive safe as the mad rush towards IT parks continue everyday in full swing. Interesting part is that the administrative intellects are finding radically incorrect solutions to these problems… they are fixing video cameras for analysing traffic and drivers’ pattern – which i am sure is more complex than an intraday stock chart. I guess then traffic cops might need to learn exponential moving averages, rather they should go and fix lamp posts first. Another ‘intelligent’ solution was for the nuclear deal issue, to vote on which party to rule, rather they should vote if the deal was required are not – a clear evidence parties are interested in their mutual battles than public good.

I finally reached office around 8 30 am… It was dark, I recollected that in the office i worked earlier, 8 30 pm would be brighter than how it was now… I though about the BPO guys who work American hours for Indian money… They have to change the way they slept and ate for 20 years inorder to save something for the remaining 20 years… Hmm… just like whatever i have typed so far… people speak all this while sitting in cafeteria and muse what could be done… Just like everyone else, I too can only speak… i dont have solutions… neither do you…



1. CP - July 29, 2008


2. rajiv - July 30, 2008

i can say u r in the wrong job..

3. Kumaraguruparan - July 31, 2008

I agree with Rajiv.
U can better become a writter rather than coding *shit* ūüėÄ

4. abis - July 31, 2008

blog eludhitte irundha soru podradhu yaaru!!!

5. CK - August 11, 2008

Dear Abis,

I think you are being fed up with the rat race, you don wanna b jus another IT guy.. Hope you r gearing up to bell the CAT. That may solve ur questions. Till then just feel, ‘ikkaraiku akkarai pachai’. Same story goes all over.

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