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Chicken Biriyani, an overheard conversation and a mini Pepsi September 4, 2008

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It’s already two hours past mid-day. My stomach purred like a kitten caught inside a tumble-wash washing machine. Impatiently I entered a small hotel which was the first one I could spot from my bus stop.

“Bozzz… Menu card” was my first order.  The petty hotel had a menu card larger than it’s exterior image. Chinese, Tandoori, Chettinad and a lot more all at a very nominal price compared to the Kentacky Fried Chickens of Bangalore.

“Rendu Parotta, egg masala kudunga”

“Sir vera edha dry items, chicken, fish fry…”

“Umm… Seri oru Chicken 65 kudunga”

Every time i order this Chicken 65 i remember the Kozhi Arubathi Anju comedy and I control the laughter within myself as I dont want to appear like a lunatic laughing out alone. I dont know why, atleat in my state of TamilNadu people had the opinion if you laugh alone then you are mentally retarded.

I started voraciously munching my Parottas and realized that the kitten inside my stomach won’t be happy with that. So I ordered one more Chicken Biriyani and a Pepsi. Pepsi with Biriyani or Parotta feels like heaven to me. What a Fusion of western and classical dishes!

Just then two dark guys appearing to be in their mid twenties came and sat in front of me. To me, they looked like bachelors working in some pump manufacturing industry. I acted as though i never took notice of them and even they did not care much about me.

The person sitting on the right side seemed to be slightly senior as he did most of the talking.

“Koochame pada maataan da avan”. The guy on the right continued the conversation he was having before entering the hotel. “Panathukkaga illa, aana konjamavadhu yosikanum illa?”.

The waiter interrupted them “Sir enna sapidreenga? Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani…”

“Enna sapidreenga? Chickena? Mutton? Koocha padama sapidunga, enakku ungala pathi nala theriyum… neenga eppadi irundheenga… ellam theriyum” Neenga nalla sapidunga.”

“Neenga enna sapidreenga?” – The guy on the left broke his silence, so far he looked very meek and worried.

“Enakku parotta podhum, daily biriyani sapittu romba weight aidichu… Ennoda heightukku naan 65kgs than irukkanum aana 9 kilo adhigama iruken… idhuve adhigam”

“Seri enakku oru chicken biriyani”, And he asked the waiter “chicken biriyani eppadi irukkum? umm… piece eppadi irukkum?”

“Sir oru leg piecum ore chinna pieceum irukkum sir”


“Enakku oru plate parotta”

“Sir gravy?

“Vera onnum vendam, parotta oda regulara vara sherva mattum thanga”

I sighed within. I have ordered more than what both these persons have ordered together and there is this guy in front of me speaking about controlling diet. Whatever I am hungry and I munched the boiled eggs with delight.

The waiter quickly brought my CB and mini Pepsi and also the dishes for my table mates.

The right guy started again “Shankar call panni irundhaaru, ungala visaricharu”

“Shankar arumaiyana payan, collegele irunde avana enakku nalla pazhakkam… cha college le ellam valkai romba nalla irundhudhu”

I was enjoying my ‘kozhi arubathi anju’ and also while listening to the conversation with a countenance that pretended not to. A person in a nearby table was blabbering aloud as well. The person sitting to my left got irritated and told his friend “Pagalaye sarakku adichittu indha aalu panra rouse thangala”

“Neenga unga room matea nambadheenga avlo than solluven… Avanukku 25 ayiram sambalam, prechanaiye illa, avan eppa venna ungala kelti uttutu poiduvan.”

“Theriyidhu… naan edhirpaakama ellam illa…”

“Seri thayir sadham sapidunga, Biriyani saptaproam sapita nalladhu”

“Illa vendam, idhe enakku niraya irukku”

“Adhu ellam illa, sapidunga, nama share pannikellam..” To the server: “Oru thayir sadham”

“Sir, cool drinks edha venuma? pepsi, 7-up, miranda?”

“Cool drinks sapidreengala?”

“Vanilla Ice cream irukka?”

“Ahan.. irukku sir”

“Okie appa ivarukku maathram oru cup vanilla ice cream kudunga”

I almost gobbled the last morsel in my biriyani. Pepsi and the overheard conversation between two persons complimented my meal ver well. Some things in life like the pepsi which might not be good still feels good, so is eavesdropping or overheared conversations… could be useless and make no meaning, like the the one i heared, but still feels good. I felt engaged throughout the meal, paid a good tip and left the hotel. 



1. Fahad Mohammed - September 4, 2008

Completely hilarious machi… I have only one doubt… Unakku irukkurathu peru vayiru thaane.. Solid ah antha mokku mokkura.. he he..

2. Fahad Mohammed - September 4, 2008

last but third linela oru chinna spelling mistake pola theriyuthu.. correct pannikko… eavesdropping….

3. abis - September 4, 2008

he he… annaikku romba pasi da… and thanks for reading so soon and so well to find a typo!

4. Allen - September 4, 2008

Unga kittae irunthu innum neraiya yethirpakkurom sir…like mutton chukka…kotthu parrota…chikken tikka…okey… nalla sappitu udamba thethiko pa… paavam nee pasi thaanga mattae…

5. abis - September 4, 2008

sapatla nama kura vachadha sarithrame illa da 😉

6. JS - September 5, 2008

enna machan marana thukku saapitu irukka… sorry kottikittu irukka…
nalla saaptu udamba thethu raasa… njoy madi….

yen machan thaniyaa pona…. next time saapidum podhu naan varen rendu perum oru kattu kattuvom da…..

Post pathi solren… serious ah ve relaxation kedaikudhu machan….

Innum unkitta irundhu expect panren…. innum neraya comedy blogs post pannnu machan

7. abis - September 5, 2008

though this time was a very simple post… the best outcome i had is, it made Rajiv go and have Chicken Biriyani and pepsi after reading this!

8. CK - September 6, 2008

Refreshing post… But very small da., naan etho thriller range ku expect pannitu irunden, like they ll be relating to u something like nu..
In my wish, you need to write more buddy..

9. Mel - October 10, 2008

de dog where is the new post you had said that you are posting????

10. abis - October 14, 2008

thinking of to post or not to!

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