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Male, Single, Bangalore, India March 27, 2009

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Taka Tak.. tak tak taka taka… The keypad in my friend’s laptop blurted out. Orkut Beta popped open merrily as his mouse pinched the Sign In button. There was a gush of adrenaline to check any recent scraps…

Day before Yesterday
Two days back, my friend… ok I’ll call him ‘Madhan’ (as anonymity was requested), frantically called me to convey that he has discovered the love of his life. ‘Ohhh…’ I sighed. ‘Dude, This is the umpteenth time, anyways what’s special this time?’ The conversation was followed by a quick exchange of mails. The first mail from Madhan consisted of a couple of JPG attachments, on opening which, a smiling beauty graced my PC monitor. Envy started filling my soul as I wondered why such a ‘figure’ never works out for me. Just as I was trying to recuperate myself, came the biggest shock, his next mail, where Madhan has managed to do some cheap photoshop of stitching a couple of his photos to the girl’s pic! Ayoo, Eppadi than ippadi yosikaranungalo!

‘The first line of communication has been established’ – Madhan announced with pride and asked me to check his orkut scrapbook. ‘Hey hi… Yep am your cousin Devi. How are you?’ My friend managed to jump the first hurdle with aplomb. This scrap was his most precious scrap ever. A few hours later he called up again and claimed that all lines of communication were established!

And Back to Today.
Now I was at Madhan’s house and still this guy was swimming in between ‘scraps’. He scrapped, “I have crossed ur 50th scrap.. Half Century!” It was more than Christmas for my friend to achieve this target! The next biggest question on any guy’s mind before progressing, is if the girl is younger to him. Using my scrap expertise I suggested my friend to start from asking the girl’s college and then which year she passed out. Felt proud over my tactics, as one could easily approximate the girl’s age from this piece of information. This day, orkut appeared more interesting than an India Pakistan Cricket match. Madhan was glued to his laptop and his arms appeared to be programmed to refresh his scrapbook every minute. A thousand questions started looming over his mind. ‘Is she scrapping me because she is interested?’, ‘Won’t it be good that we are relatives already’, ‘I know her sisters, they are good… so she should also be good’, ‘Is she very silent type?’ His thoughts were interrupted by the new scrap. ‘I passed out my school in 2002 and college in 2005, you are 2 months elder to me’. Hurray! Madhan jumped in joy as if India won the match against Pakistan. To him it was as if he was already married and his wife was carrying 2 months! But the joy did not last for long enough, not even long enough to imagine a complete duet – The next scrap popped up – ‘So am not your akka, u r my anna ryt????’ My friend collapsed after reading the last four question marks.

I suggested him to reply ‘not necessarily ;)’



1. Fahad - March 28, 2009

Ha ha ha… semma post machi… I really loved reading it..

2. abis - March 28, 2009

thanku maams… this time tried to bring a girl into the story 😉

3. Kumaraguruparan - March 30, 2009

Climax weightu kamichutta..
Loved the last few lines 😛

4. JS - March 30, 2009

Awesome reply da maams…”‘not necessarily ”

finally ur experience helped ur friend….

Exp is the best teacher… u proved even experienced man is a gud teacher…

maams engalukku help pannuda… konjam nalla irukkum hahaha :)…

BTW gud post da.. keep rocking

5. Naren - March 30, 2009

Awesome post!!!
I feel sorry for that guy :o) ..

6. Allen - March 30, 2009

Adada Figure Poochae…(LIke vadivel’s Vada Poochae…)

7. Madhan - March 30, 2009

Antha Madhan Naan Thanugoo!! Half of it is true and half is false!!!

8. kousik - March 31, 2009

Dai, this is similar to karthik and deepika padgoen 🙂 Angayum u tried to help him in some way and finally karthik accepted her as sis :-)))

9. Arunkumar - March 31, 2009

Awesome story da.. Keep posting more.. am waiting..
but Js blog laenthu, nee intha story ah thiruditae.. avanoda kathaila iruntha karu va eduthutae..

10. Madhan - March 31, 2009

I appreciate Mr Abishek’s imagination and for having made up a good readable story based on my real life incident… the fact is that it was tweaked in a way that now its not a gossip anymore… but it has become a novel… And btw the role Abis played here was not at all like as he mentioned… he was just acting as a spectator… he wanted to portray himself a hitch so I allowed him to add this fiction into it…. De Abis intha pollapukku thooku matti sagalam da…

11. abis - March 31, 2009

unga experience munnadi am a fresher forever 😉

I still remember helping karthik to scrap Deepika (Padogoen – as we called!)… Nice correlation to that incident and this blog 🙂

Its a coincidence this blog resembles JS’s…

Now that you identity has been guessed by many don’t try to cover ur face 😉 Also, this blog is every inch a true incident! And did i not play the hitch role for you? 😛

12. Madhan - March 31, 2009

@ Abis: No you have not!!! and now since you are trying to make this real…. its time to reveal the truth… all you guys and girls out there reading this blog…. this story never happened in the way it has been narrated…. Abis was actually worried about his declining visitor count for his blog…. I have the stats for it from his blog… It was almost zero till date… As he wanted to gain publicity… he tweaked a real life incident to an extent…. that this blog is now more a fiction than the real story… Abis will do anything to gain publicity!!! so all of you ppl beware…!!! Infact he even stated to me that he is going to write this inline with Js’s blog!!!! Guys who have read JS’s blog could correlate that!!!!

13. abis - March 31, 2009

Come on Mr.Madhan… i din tweak the incident… and i blog purely for the kick of it and nothing else!

14. Madhan - March 31, 2009

Yes you are right!!! But the tweak this time was to give it a kick!!!

15. Madhavan - April 2, 2009

Dei, office timela unnai velai paarka sonna blog, adhukku vara commentkellam reply pannittu okkandhu irukka… Irudi iru.. Vaikkaraen aapu…

Ippadiukku Un Manager

16. abis - April 2, 2009

@Madhavan, ungalukku i shouldn have sent the link 😦 ipadiye maatikiren!

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