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Pulsar Addiction October 28, 2009

Posted by Abishek in Automobiles.
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Everyone knows that the Pulsar is a revolutionary bike here in India. Having owned the first generation Pulsar 150 (2002), the second generation Pulsar 180 (2005) and today driving a friend’s latest Pulsar 150, I wanted to blog my experiences with the Pulsar breed.

Pulsar 150 Classic

Classic Pulsar 150

Classic Pulsar 150

This was my first bike. Raw muscular looks. Back in 2002 it’s the bike to be on. What else could a first year college student yearn for! The Pulsar 150 had a great rush of power and was a dream bike when it comes to handling. I could draw a line on the road and ride right on it in total control. Best things I liked was the handling due to the short and excellent wheelbase. What I did not like was the clutch & gear box which felt like the ones in a municipal town bus.

Pulsar 180 – Red and black Version

2005 Pulsar 180

2005 Pulsar 180

When the second generation Pulsar 180 was launched I couldn’t resist it. The new fairing, wider wheels with black alloys and twinspark. This bike being a 180 had marginally better power and a plush ride due to the gas shocks. What I missed was the razor sharp handling. The agility is lost with the classic pulsar and the bike was more of a balanced machine. I was not able to feel the rear wheel as in my earlier pulsar. I sold the P180 in 2008 as I moved to bangalore and now drive a ’99 Rx-135.

Current Pulsar 150

Current Pulsar 150

Current Pulsar 150

It’s been a while since I rode the pulsar. My Rx-135 was sufficient fun and I occasionally used to ride my friend’s unicorn. I always used to tell my friend that the Unicorn is an amazing bike but still I would never buy it. I realized the reason again today. I drove the Pulsar 150. It beats the Unicorn hands down. Four years after selling my Pulsar 150, and today I felt like a college student again! The new Pulsar engine is more gruntier and the bike handles like an aeroplane. The way the bike roars as you accelerate is totally missing in bikes like Unicorn. The new bike has digital clocks (I don’t like the design of the meters though), wider rear tyres, engine kill switch and a surprisingly smooth gear shift. It was a short ride and I took the bike to 99kmph, it felt restricted after that but the pull until then was amazing. I am waiting to get my hands on a P220 to see how it will be, I am sure it will blow me away!

I parked the bike back and couldn’t stop grinning. Yes, it’s a boy indeed!



1. Tanmoy Majumder - November 21, 2009

I love this bike

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