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Royal Enfield Thunderbird – Shot through the heart October 31, 2009

Posted by Abishek in Automobiles.
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Setting up the scene

My Computer! Working late night!

My Computer! Working late night!

It’s been one of my most difficult weeks. Chilling at the beginning of the month and slogging 24×7 on the last week made me like apple picker Robert Frost . Already through three continuous night-outs, I called up my friend. “Dude, I am not coming for the trip… lot of work pending”. “Kill you”, my friend replied. Later in the day, another friend called up. He told me that he will get a Royal Enfield Thunderbird to hit the trip. Instant memory loss, that would even make ‘Sanjay Singhania’ proud, hit me. I forgot office, I forgot the distance. “Lets do it”.

Calling it a day

Bullet Thunderbird

Bullet Thunderbird

I dressed up in true buleteer fashion – rugged levis and trigger tees. I felt proud to dust my brown Monte Carlo jacket. All zipped up and ready at 4 a.m. A distant rumble announced the arrival. It was dark. It was love at first sight. My friend was supposed to drive until daylight and thus I had to pass a painful time – waiting to grab the handlebars of the T’bird. Thump Thump Thump Thump… we rode without missing a beat. I eyed the tacho – merrily hovering at a 3 tonne and the speedo at a 100. That’s the meat of the bike. Period.

Moi @ Hampi

Moi @ Hampi

As daylight broke, we stopped for piss and to stretch out the vertebral column. And then it was my turn to twist the ignition. Your’s truly was truly impressed. This is a bike you ride on. It can make a Paul Teutul, Sr. of a Swaminathan. Your ego shoots up, attitute builds and you discover the masculine within. You wish to grow a moustache and want to flaunt ur packs.

Adventure Unlimited - Thats the Bullet

Adventure Unlimited - That's the Bullet

Today’s bullets might not be the ‘thumpiest’ but still they are a class apart. It set’s apart the pot bellied men from skinny virgin boys. I rode all over the rocks of Hampi. My most memorable ride to date. It made me think the next thing I should do is to straight away go and book a bullet. Is this known as falling in love? Very much.



1. sathish - October 31, 2009

the snap was taken 1-2 months before. why r u uploading it in this weeks slogging work ?

2. abis - October 31, 2009

this is about the incident that happened some time before only… i never told it happened this month!

3. Shyam - October 31, 2009

lol @ Sathish……semma comedy sir neenga…..

4. Kumaraguruparan - October 31, 2009

Dude, y r u writing this piece after 10 yrs? 😛
“It set’s apart the pot bellied men from skinny virgin boys” what do u mean by this? I can infer 2 meanings 😛

5. abis - November 1, 2009

dai… no double meanings… !

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