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The beginning was’nt remarkable. I was puffing for breath, doctors rushed me to another hospital, little did I know whether I would see daylight at all. The few people who cared had their fingers crossed, after a few days I was still alive, underweight and placed in an incubator.
Schooling was most ordinary for me, abstracted from the hardships of real world, life was midterm, quarterly, half yearly and annual exams. I was a medicore student, but with help from parents and friends I made it to a good college. New atmosphere but good people around, 5 yrs passed like a season. Now, stepped into an all new world…

urs truly, abis.



1. Naga - March 22, 2007

abis y still lik 2 go with cyberabis??

2. Abishek - March 22, 2007

somehow, u can find links pertaining to me when u search ‘cyberabis’ in the internet… so just maintaining that name!

3. CS Shyam Sundar - May 26, 2007

hmmmm! anyways, way to go! 😉

4. Nikhil - August 20, 2007

Machi Nalla enjoy pannu . Keep up the spirit . Weekends see the maximum .

5. gokul - September 23, 2007

thambbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb vanakooooooooooooo

6. Anamithra - October 11, 2007

welcome !!!! to the real world!!!

7. CK - November 1, 2007

Hi Abis,

I marked your words and googled ‘CyberAbis’.

The first thing I noted was ,

“Did you mean: cyberabuse” 😉

BTW, the other sites reviewed popularity of CYBERABIS. Esp. review of Bajaj Pulsar comin in front.

Edho pudusa series ellam eludara. Idhuvaraikum puriyala. Inime puriyudanu paakalm. 🙂

Love, CK.

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