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Sundara Travels April 19, 2008

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‘Dedicate’ has become a buzz word these days, switch on any music channel, i guarentee two sure-shot questions our VJs would shoot: 1. ‘Have you reduced your TV volume?’ I could recollect an anchor who went to the extent of suggesting his over enthusiastic caller to dismantle the speakers from his TV, and question 2. ‘Whom do you want to dedicate this song?’  Which is followed by  an indefinite linked list starting kayalvizhi, kumar annan, kanathu kuppam raja, blah blah blah… Whatever, all I wanted to tell is I am dedicating this blog to my favourite companion Alagesh… Most of you might know Alagesh as I would raved about him already, for the ignorant he was born a Yamaha Rx135, lived as a faithful girl friend to his owner for 8 years, then managed to capture my heart and got rechristened as Alagesh. He screams when I am happy and groans when I am sad and is the most exciting one to hang out with.

The first vehicle I remember driving was a scooter tyre. In ‘those days’ it was the preferred toy/vehicle for kids in my area. My obsession with the scooter tyre earned me the title TVS – Tyre (V)Oruti Saniyan (translation: Tyre rolling saturn ). Then ‘Lightfoot’ came into my life when i was in my 6th grade, a Hercules Rockshock. He withstood my abuse for 5 years. My favourite activities with him being driving for hours discovering road side puppies and naming them, I still remember baptising a black puppy as ‘karupaayee’. I also remember driving a bullock cart in my village. The best part was our bullock needed to be driven only on the to-journey, he would always remember way back home eager to meet his fiance gomadha. And we could shift gears just by a twist of his shitty tail!

Travel is always so much fun, I could see many places and many people. Once I was travelling in this Bangalore Inter-city express, Settling into my window-seat i was eagerly awaiting my co-passengers.. how nice it would be if a buch of IT girls turn up! my trip would become einstein-short! The train started but my compartment alone was almost empty… with a sigh i pulled up my mobile for the free time pass called SMS.  And then came this horrible place called Tiruppur. A dozen 70 year old women stacked up my compartment… i could hear my heart burst off in disappointment… Wont Tiruppur have any teenagers at all?? thus started my einstein long journey… I wonder if those grannies had some dress code or what… they either wore an shiny green or blue saree only, same hair style called kondai, and an oc purse given at the shop where they bought their blue/green sarees. Just as I started disliking them one grannie with the traditional south Indian hospitality offered me a laddu. My heart melted and I said to myself ‘grannies are nice after all’… but then came their actual intention… they came up with a complex logic and claimed that the compartment was a ladies compartment as they were the majority. ‘Enna kodumai sir idhu!’ I was pushed to another corner while the unloaded their ever-silver tins containing puliyodharai, laddu, mixture and what not…

General practice among Indian travellers is to pretend they never see their co-passengers. Infact they start assuming there is no co-passenger at all… One common mistake one should not make is leave his seat free for a while… If you do, 100% it would be occupied by someone when you return… and coincidentally after they occupy your seat, you wont be visible or audible to them. Probably they are from tiruppur i guess. Another exciting thing with train journey  are the trans-genders… they are full of terror, but some fun as well… They should be appreciated in one aspect, they always announce their arrival with self-applause. Once we were on a college trip to Mumbai, some wise friends have advised that these trans-genders would come and they wont leave us without emptying our purse… As expected they did come with all bells and whistles… A friend came running announcing their arrival… In a fraction of a second our adrenaline pumped jackie chan stunts into us and 6 of us stacked up in 2 upper berths and pretending to sleep…  There was a friend who was stunned seeing a trans-gender face to face that he got hypnotised to give currency by currency from his purse.

However, the most exciting means of travel is the 24/7 local Government Bus Service. This is how a festival weekend journey would be: If you start from Bangalore around 9 pm, you need to clear the preliminary battle with around 20 people to get a standing ticket till Hosur. Don worry that you are standing, the bus will have two televisions, out of which one tv will be having a reddish hue in its screen. The Pioneer DVD set (as claimed by the screensaver) would play vadivelu comedy so that you dont realise standing for 2 hrs. Since Hosur bustand is supposed to be under rennovation, you would be dropped on a highway which would be masked like a market place. This time the mission is a little difficult. You have atleast 500 people to battle it out. You could approach the bus in two ways: one, give you luggage to your friend and run behind the bus and crawl into the bus. You will succeed in this process if you are athletic enough and you have stamped over atleast two people running with you. Second way, run with your luggage bag along the open window side of the bus and drop your bag on a free seat to secure a place. You will succed in this way if you have good logical/analytical skills plus an appropriate luggage size. Finally you make it to a bus. Its celebration time, as the title song for the TV movie plays. As per my experiene there is a 80% probability for the movie to be Thamarabharani or Thirupatchi. Just as you settle and start feeling hungry the bus will pull over in one of the most exotic places in the world. You wont know what that place is, but the bus conductor will announce a 10 minute break for food and piss. You would be overwhelmed as you get down, the hotel boy would call out the menu loudly. You could hear the cook preparing kothu barota in full swing. Remember to identify your bus at this juncture as there will be several other buses and you should not forget you bus livery. The will be a audio cs shop with large wooden speakers playing loud 70’s hits. There would be a couple of condiment shops with unamed confections of a dozen variety in big glass jars. The manufacturing date for these items would always be claimed as morning that day. There would also be a sugarcane juice shop on one corner. As you leave this happening place, next destination is Salem. The movie will get over and people will start to doze… Not it time for you to play tactics… You neighbour will always fall asleep on you. Best way to handle this is to slide off and make him fall all over, he will be disturbed and retun within his seat limits. You need to do this all night. Finally you would reach salem, much later than the time promised by the conductor… It should be early morning and getting the coimbatore bus should be relatively easy, just hop on and pray 2 things: first, they dont show thamarabharani/thirupaachi again; second, a tirupur person doesnt sit along with you!


Sila naatkalukku piragu… February 23, 2008

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It’s past 7.30 pm, it’s Friday. As I exit my company, i cant help thinking back over my life. It all changed on 2nd December 2006, i stepped into Banglore with a big suitcase packed with dresses, bedsheets, cosmetics and shoes. I had to move for what I still cant classify as a like or dislike. My internship and corporate life will start 2 days hence. Hmm… I enter Comfort Homes, Yet another PG here, my room was shady and dark, 5 cots stacked in a average sized room. Lonely feelings start creeping in, but lonliness is not as new to me as the city, language and lifestyle.

The cold morning breeze was refreshing, fully motivating to start a life on my own, I said to myself “now I am the boss”. Internsip life was not great, too many things to learn, I did not make a great start either. For some reason I couldnt gel well with the hindi community. I wasnt sure what to speak and what not to. Preferred to speak less and concentrate on learning from the bottom up. It took almost a month to get my ‘Hello World!’ printed through Java, it was a joy learning things but I had to miss a lot… Missed my family, missed my college, missed the cricket matches, the trips my friends in college had. It wasnt a tought guess that my fun life has ended. I kept muling over these thoughs as I took long walks back from my company to the PG. Soon, I has a few friends from my college accompany me in this lifecycle, this is when the ‘bangalore bachelors’ life starts… I slogged throughout the weekdays and hogged on weekends. Bangalore is amazing in one way, party, pubs and wealth, all are in abundance. Six months passed, and I was on a much sought out vacation in Goa. The recent disturbances made me booze for the first time… not much, half a bottle of Fosters. Lying back on a hammock, midnight in a private island, i had one of the peaceful sleeps i had in the past 6 months.

Coming to the present, Tonight I am leaving back to coimbatore after almost a month. This has been my longest stint in Bangalore without returning back hometown. This time I am going in a proper booked bus, the Govt buses I would take before used to be adventurous, running all over to get a seat, sometimes i had to wait many hours for getting a bus. I always enjoyed the trips though, i learnt to kill hunger on roadside eateries, I learnt to endure the cold nights, I learnt to endure different people. Tonight my bus was loaded mostly with the ‘IT people’. These guys look a lot different. Nice T-shirts, shoes, cellular phones and backpacks. No movies in this bus and all plunged into sleep soon.

Getting out of the bus, Coimbatore was relatively silent. I walked through my regular path. It was just a month, but it felt different. The road appeared narrower. No much people were awake this early in the morning. I was able to recollect a few moments back in my life in this place. I had walked these roads since I was 6 years old. Cricket, hide and seek, lock and key, upeat… I have played them all here. I learnt cycling in these roads, I have fallen down shed some blood as well here. As I entered college, I blazed these roads on my pulsar, much to the rage and envy of the neighbours… But today, I am walking swiftly with a luggage bag… I can see how my life has changed from a scool kid to a college goer and now as an employee. Nothing much has changed in our streets, the premier press which had opened when I was very young is still there but with a new name board now, annachi kadai, kozhi kadai, robin kadai all are still here. I could see the newspaper boy, he resembeled his expired dad, he had the same cycle and the same ‘thina thandhi’ bags on the handle bar. I could see the milk man going houses. Once when i was a kid I had mocked the milk man singing ‘vandhenda paalkaaran…’, and he chased me into my houseplayfully, since then I have always been a bit scared of him! A couple of old persons enquired how i am doing, “they should have seen me growing up all these years”, I told to myself.

I opened the gates to my house, the front doors were opend and I could hear my mom watering the plants, I walked over the side path to have a glimpse of her. Instantly i was filled with joy seeing her almost after a month. But soon, all the joy vanished as I realized she had lost weight and not looking healthy. Along with all the changes i had noticed on my way, my parents also have aged, now living all by themselves, many hunderd kms from where I work. They have worked hard for almost 30 years now, just to feed me and bring me to this level, but here I am, In bangalore in pursuit of my career and dreams. My dad also looked weaker. I could see them rejoice on seeing me back. I could not stop wondering why I am not able to give them this happiness every day. I learnt that my parents were really having few health problems, but still working and managing themselves without disturbing me. It’s time to take a decision.

the money plant December 2, 2007

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In my last post.. many days ago, i had hinted on ‘incidental psycho’ which is yet to take off… However, late, but latest, there is no final ‘.’ for this blog 🙂 Since the last 2 weeks i am hooked to investing. Like knowledge, i believe investment grows on sharing. I intend to start blogging on investments henceforth… i wish to share abt investing in stocks, money fundas, more about money, some more about money and a lot more about money! before i start, a BIG disclaimer…

DISCLAIMER: Everything i write is my personal opinion. All facts mentioned are taken from open sources. Strictly no insider information here!

money plant

To start off… money is both material and immaterial. Material in the sense, it gets u stuff, fancy cars, jewellery and funky clothing. Immaterial in the sense gives you confidence, pleasure, power and status. Immaterial component is what i would call as unrealized gain/loss in financial terms. All that can be realized at the end of the day is, money gets u stuff, single utility, you can spend it. Saving and investing are nothing but planned and delayed spending. So in the blogs to come, i hope to tell more about this ‘spending’… we might even justify ‘spending’ as the universal action… keep watching…

sneak peek: incidental psycho # October 10, 2007

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‘All the world is a stage’… I recollect my favourite movie – Truman’s Show. The hero is put in a bogus world and his entire life being broadcasted to the so called ‘real world’. I feel the real world is not much different. Every person has to act through to do his ‘deeds’… There will be no universal set of ‘deeds’ that one has to do… its different for different personalities, varying on the chemistry of their genes and illusions burnt by their environment. We move cautiosly… millions of neurons deciding what we say and what we do. Ultimately, man speaks very less… infinitely less than what he thinks…

Introducing, the ‘incidental psycho’ series… coming soon, only at cyberabis.wordpress.com

with the photographer… October 1, 2007

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The following is an email sent to me by my dear friend and budding photographer Srikanth (nick: Magaa). This guy is known for his flowery dialogues and this mail is no an exception. ‘Any sorrow can be endured while doing your favourite work’ is one of his words of wisdom… i dont recollect it exactly though… And our Magaa’s favourite hobby is… read the mail below and witness the delight of an artist @ work!

Hello friends,

“My experiment with the camera” has just begun. Spent a sleepless night in captruing these pictures. This is the view outside my aprtments. It is the view of New York (manhattan), captured from New Jersey . NY and NJ being separated by Hudson river, you get the best view during the night. It is the most difficult thing to capture pictures in the dark, as there are several constraints. I don’t want to go into those technical aspects of camera and photogrphy and bore you. I have tried my best, though this is my first go. And I promise I can learn very quickly with your support and suggestions. Have a look at them whenever you are free. And do tell/suggest me of any improvements(In short, poke me in the head whenever u get the opportunity). ” It was a boring day. The clock on my desk was showing a frowning face looking at my plight(the time was 3 40, and the needles will be at a frowning angle!!!) Will our lives be so much boring, to sit and stare at the stupid monitor for hours together, hammering the keyboard without any mercy? Well, I got the answer immediately, when the fed-ex guy banged on my shoulder as I banged the return key. ‘Heyy meester, u ve gat a paarcel ‘. ‘Oh, thaanx a llot‘, I said, trying to speak in accent. Can such a miracle happen at work? Yes, it can. I opened the large box, to reveal another box inside. Yes, I got what I was aspiring, my weapon of joy and construction. I had ordered for a tripod a week back, which got delivered now.


The night was cold and chilling(though not as cold as my heart !!). I got dressed up, loaded my weapon(stuffed the memory card into my camera!!), and set out for the night of adventure(12 floors down in an elevator, then 100 meters to the left of my building). The nylon grip on my RBK was screeching every time it made contact with the smooth glassy tiles. It was hardly a mins walk. By the time I reached the desired destination, my hands had become brittle and numb, as if it was made of wood or some rock solid stuff.(Like the frozen villain in terminator 2 judgment day).The owl on a distant tree was watchin me setting up my apparatus, which took me around two minutes. Loaded the scope, which clung to my camera whit the authentic “cliktch” sound. Oyee,, you still reading?? Aaahhh, common, go on and click the below link. Thts why they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!……………………..”


The .Net Vs J2EE August 25, 2007

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Well, this is my first technical blog… reason? i just joined the ‘me too software engineer’ club 🙂 I feel programmers have nowadays become like commoners. I remember a sms i received, ‘if you throw a stone on the streets of bangalore it will either hit a dog or a software engineer!’ sorry for the sarcasm, am not proud over my profession… where i get paid for pressing up and down 106 keys! frankly it doesnt take a lot to become a application developer, atleast as long as google and the Ctrl, C and V keys exists in the keyboard… Ok i’ll stop the mumble and stick to the topic. For the average guy, as he enters this s/w field, the first prayer would be to get into a good technology. My opinion is also that a better technology is more important than a better company… atleast as a fresher as it is the foundation. Some have the choice to specialize in a technology… and if you are building enterprise applications the .Net Vs J2EE battle is happening for you as well!

So here we go, .Net and J2EE are two platforms that facilitate developing enterprise and web applications for business like finance, retail, science etc. These two ‘equally powered’ platforms are pitched against each other in cold war, .Net being Microsoft’s contender to the Sun’s Open Source. From a common man’s perspective, .Net sounds like a hi-fi technology, and being a Microsoft product looks hightly seductive. Its true that the .Net is very glamorous, easy and fast to go, fun as well. J2EE is based on uncle Java, looks a tad older but millions of ‘open Source’ guys have added a lot of wisdom into it. So what do I go for? Which technology is better? What is the future?

First let me list the key differences between Mr.Net and Mr J2EE: .Net is a Microsoft product. Thats it. Its professional, its expensive. Its productive. It lives in the microsoft street. So what? You need to buy it. You need to keep buying microsoft products. Microsoft means business. J2EE is the big daddy, and the older platform. Its tried, its tested, its getting better. You can download it online, you can learn it online, you can run it everywhere, you can save pocket money, you can buy wine for every visitor.

Getting confused??? So first distinction, if you are a rich guy, get a mercedes, get a .Net, keep spending more. You will live in high prestige, you journey will be silky smooth. If you are poor or a bit greedy, go to the nearest trash, pick up a J2EE, profit is theoretically infinity, i.e. zero investment – n profit. Your journey will not be air conditioned, sweat it out, but still you will reach the destination.

Here comes the second distinction. Now i am a hardcore programmer. I dont play with toys. I need action. I need a manual transmission ferrari V8 and not the automatic toyota priyus for girls. I know its hard, but thats where job satisfaction comes it. How do you like to program??? play with the mice or hit 106 keys a minute. If you are the nerdy guy, you would like the J2EE. It looks monsterous to you with a plenty of action stuff you can download for free. You love the command line more than those cutie icons. You start speaking about ajax, ruby on rails, hibernate and apache even on friday nights. The J2EE gives more programming satisfaction, while the .Net gives you more status.

Initially i tended to gravitate towards .Net, it looked fast and easy. It is indeed. And, J2EE looked like a beggars plate… But i wanted to do things with more passion, GNU & Open Source all exists on this passion… I recall a quote: ‘Windows thinks you are so stupid that you can never make a mistake, Unix thinks you are more intelligent, that you easily make mistakes’. I wanted to be intelligent… even if its the hard way.

Escape August 21, 2007

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I got introduced to this song a few days ago… since then its echoing within me everyday, so sharing a part of the lyrics here… its Enrique Iglesias’ Escape for you!

If you feel like leaving
I’m not gonna make you stay
Soon you’ll be finding
You can run, you can hide
But you can’t escape my love

So if you go
You should know
It’s hard to just forget the past so fast
It was good, it was bad but it was real
And that’s all you get in the end of the matter

Here’s how it goes
All it takes is some trying
You can run, you can hide
But you can’t escape my love

manjal veyil maalaiyile… August 17, 2007

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Thursday, 9.8.2007

Why do i sleep so much during these training sessions! Dreams keep spiralling even as i try to focus… It’s 5pm, my assignment looks complex than the traditional chineese font. I get reminded of the poetry ‘After apple picking’ as i code my assignments through the black IBM keyboard… Finally its past midnight, I reach my hotel room early morning 2 a.m and bounced onto my bed…

Friday, 10.8.2007

Fridays are a ray of hope, a reason to continue living… I didn’t stay beyond 4 30 pm at the office. The evening was windy and the coolest i have experience till date at the big apple. I took a long stroll over the brooklyn bridge with a couple of friends, the bridge was a marvellous structure and such an addiction for walking… its supposed to be the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. Next we headed to Saravana Bhavan to meet more friends for dinner, Sambhar and Dosas were nectar @ Manhattan soil! Wanting more out of the Friday evening, we went to Coldstone where you get ice creams prepared merrily by singing, i tasted one of the richest and delicious chocolate icecream mixed with brownie and choco chips 🙂 The AMC theatres, Timesquare was next destination, expecting the UnderDog to be a terror movie, we came out laughing heartily… Its past midnight, 1 30 a.m, and Timesquare looked even more electrifying…

Saturday, 11.8.2007

Weekends are for fun and we kept discovering more and more spots… By mid-day we reached central park, the most visited in United States… We went to the meuseum there, then walked past the lawns and ponds in the park.  Feeling the need for more adventure, we rode to Brighton beach, the cold waters shivered all my nerves but it was enjoyable every moment… we splashed on the waters untill late evening… Subway pizaa after sinking wet tasted great and the momentum induced us to plan more for the night as well… So its Atlantic city next! Atlantic city is a mini las vegas with its night life and grand casinos… We reached Ballys late night at 2 a.m… the casino was splendid and its a sight to witness people in large crowds loosing money at these odd hours! i gambled for one and half bucks and lost as default 😦 We left the place early morning 5 a.m to reach my hotel at 7 a.m…

Sunday, 12.8.2007

Hardly i slept for 3 hours, my moto razr screaming to wake me up… I dressed hurriedly to receive my sister at the la guardia. Excited to meet my 4 month old nephew and brother-in-law i rushed as fast as i can… It was happy hours to be with family again tasting the sweet milk pedas my sister made… We went to the Statue of Libery in the afternoon, which wasn’t as as spectacular as i expected… Dinner was at Bombay Garden where i had some spicy chicken, way better than many restaurants back in India… It was already late in the night as i walked back to my room… Its 10 p.m, Sunday… recollecting the moments of the week, i walked slowly in this new world… A busy week is ahead, more assignments, more trainings, more work… I set the alarm to 7 a.m and pulled my blanket… It’s very tiring… 

passports, visa and chennai June 29, 2007

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A year back i had struggled to get my passport, as i decided to apply directly without using an agent, i was one of the unfortunate guys to fall into all sorts of trouble in getting the passport. First of all, my application forms got lost in my local passport office, next the police verification was reported adverse (probably coz i din bribe the police dept.), next the DD got expired, so i had to go to chennai and spend an awful day at the chenna passport office to get things sorted out. Finally i was promised my passport will be issued in a weeeks time… But again they missed to process my application in chennai office, my dad had to visit again to dust back my application from the trashes and finally i got my passport 11 months later to the date i filled the forms 🙂 

Yesterday was the day for my visa interview. Earlier i had filled online forms, took print outs, checked all documents and was perfectly ready to visit chennai again in pursuit of an US visa, This time I had my office to back me in getting a visa so it was clear the process was going to be relatively easier. Around 70 of us were traveling to chennai from bangalore seeking visa. The Kingfisher ATR aircraft was a medicore experience, unlike the other kingfisher airbuses, this tiny craft managed to transport us  shaken but not stirred. The ATR took 50 minutes to propel into chennai airport. Luxury is what u call while on office travel, we have airconditioned cabs to transport from airport to the hotel. Chennai was drizzling and cool, the sight of tamil banners and boards was quite refreshing. Next destination is the PARK. The entrance to the park hotel looked average, i was told that it was a 5 start hotel and expectations were quite high. Open the doors and the lobby wore a majestic look, the hotel was lavishly furnished, bamboo ambience with jasmine fragnence to arouse the nerves. My room was pampering as well, the bed would sink several inches and was the coziest cot i ever slept on. Internet, television, wardrobe, mini-bar everything was there. The buffet that night was held in a conference hall and was satisfactory. The night we strolled a bit, the disk was crowded so walked into chennai streets a bit only to find all shops closed as it was almost midnight… We returned to the 8th floor of the park, it had a good swiming pool and the best part was it had cots around the pool with curtains flying in the cool breeze. It was great experience, a bunch of friends chatting on a cot on the side of a pool, 8 floors high, looking down at chennai at mid night! 


Next day is the d-day… Had to wake up early, checked all the documents for the visa interview and I proceeded to the 601. Breakfast at 601 was stupendous, the entire range of cusine one could imagine was on the table… from vadas to non-pronouncable dishes… Rarely do star hotels have a restaurant where food tasted good, but the park was amazing. The US consolate is adjacent to the hotel, so we quickly moved in to the consolate. I passed the initial scrutiny and interview easily as the consolate were aware we are going to travel as a team. The reputation of our company ensured everyone was granted a visa with interviews lasting only less than a minute each. Finally i was granted my B1! 

Back to the hotel we were debating where to go out… finally we decided to go jacoussi! The spa was located at the 9th floor of the hotel. We din have much idea what a jacoussi is, however decided to try that out, we were given hillarious g-strings which made us laugh out heartily… the jacoussi was a turbulent helbal bath tub that heals the body and relieves stress… Apart from the jacoussi the spa was equipped with steam bath as well… jacoussi infused a great apetite into me that noon. I was overwhelmed by the lunch the 601 served… It was the most stupendous lunch i ever seen, shrimps, sea food, schezwan noodles and more than 20 varieties of dessert itself, i had more than i could… with swollen bellies i sank into my bed and slept untill evening. With a heavy heart we had to check out the park. It w as a great hotel, very expensive though, like a buffet costs 820 bucks, my friend had a dosa and coffee for 300 bucks! however we had a great trip, successful visa stamping n great stay as well… The return journey was better in the airbus A321, kingfisher hostess were as charming as ever! A memorable trip!

need for speed May 24, 2007

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Helmets on, I have a long look at the winding track, looks very simple infact. I climbed into the centerish seat… The tiny front wet weather tyres have lost most of the grooves… but the track was watery, small pools of water lay at few sections… the helper started the 4-stroke 100 cc motor… VROOOOOOOOOOOM…

The afternoon was cold, just then it had stopped raining… I decided to go karting, one of my longtime desires… I feared that am too heavy and old for an average kart… but wanting to try anything exciting I reached Kart Attack, some 15 kms from main Coimbatore. It cost me 100 bucks/5 min and I took 10 mins for my first outing. The helper warned me to easy as it was my first try and also coz the track was wet… Lap 1… I press the right foot pedal… the engine roars, sitting just 5-10 cms from ground the g-force seems higher, the non-differential steering was vague, but razor sharp and imprecise on the short wheels… I took a slow lap getting used to the machine, the track as well as the grip… Lap 2… I was throwing the kart all over the corner touching speeds more than 50 kmph… it felt as twice as fast sitting so low in the tight and twisty track… The vibrations were very harsh almost numbing my hands… but it was highly addictive as I entered consecutive laps… I started hitting the apex of corners trying to get the best racing line… as I drove over water pools I could feel loosing grip and drifting a bit… but it was great fun, I lapped another driver, a little girl who was practicing… I almost scared her as my kart touched hers at twice the speed, however both stayed in control despite a bit wobble… there was a smooth surface section on the exit of a corner designed to skit off drivers in case of excess speed… worse still it was watery today… every time I drove through that section, it was scary, the kart wobbling wildly, I was able to control it for many laps despite getting shaken wildly… at the end of five minutes I lapped one person thrice and once for another person who was a bit faster. Next I decided to test another kart which they suggested to be relatively better… This one accelerated very well, however there was much lesser grip… I forgot to lift my foot out of the smooth surfaced corner and it was a 180 degree spin as I hit the tyre walls… wow! I felt thrown out a bit… the helper rushed to push my kart back into the track… I was more cautions then onwards and tried to scorch as much as I could… at the end I was informed I was 4 seconds behind the lap record.. not very bad considering my first outing on a damp track… my heavy weight could also be a deterrent… however it was a good experience… hands were paining from the force feedback… but it was very addictive, the adrenaline rush… I could imagine how exciting it would be to race in the branded rotax karts!!! Or how good it should be to drive an mclaren f1 car!

Ok, to give some info about a go kart, the most exciting thing about the kart is lack of differential… that is even while turning both side wheels spin at the same speed making the kart understeer heavily… this coupled with the low c.g and seat height gives an amazing adrenaline experience!