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Tata Indigo Manza – First Impressions October 15, 2009

Posted by Abishek in Automobiles.
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Indigo Manza

Indigo Manza

Well in my opinion this is not a new car. In Tata terminology, this is just the Vista version of Indigo and Indigo is the ugly version of Indica. Sorry about being too strong in describing the Manza looks, but we are living in 2009 and not 1990 where ‘beautiful’ was Contessa and Premier 118NE. That said, the looks of Manza is not ugly and it looks like what Indigo should have looked then. Welcome changes are the better wheel arches and the tail light. Though the tail light looks better than the horrible old ones, still the rear looks bland. The Indica Vista headlamps suit perfectly a hatchback but not a sedan. Sedans are supposed to look mean or elegant and Manza does not fall under either. Overall I would rate Manza above Swift Dzire and the Logan.

Huge space. That’s the USP since Indica and the Manza does not disappoint. The seats appear to be better designed, but the interiors are dreary grey. The steering is better with embedded control, but still the elegance/sportiness is missing. The clocks are located centrally, a layout which I don’t really appreciate.

I have not driven the Manza yet, but every Indian should have been on the Indica. Don’t expect this car to be very different exept a bit more powerful due to the Saffire Petrol. The diesel version has been good ever since and is the one to buy. Power specs of the petrol is disappointing as 90bhp for a 1.4L, which implies inefficiency. Diesel specs are quite applealing at 90 horses for a 1.3L. Also, these engines and gearbox are not upto the Japanese levels of refinement.

I expect the Manza not to be a great handler. Not even an average handler. It would be a long way before Tata can design a chasis that matches the Fords and Hondas. The small wheels neither aid the looks department nor help the performance.

Starting at 5L, the car sounds a good value for money. Compared to Indica Vista, what you get for the few extra thousands is the boot. But what you would loose is the looks and a bit of fuel efficiency for the extra weight. This car does not look great, does not perform the best and is not as solid as a German. It’s a better looking Indigo, but is that enough reason to buy it? I wouldn’t unless I am running Easy Cabs. This car would be suitable for a taxi – low pricing, average performance, decent diesel and good passenger/luggage space.

One Line Verdict: It’s worth, but not good enough!